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CRIME ALERT:  University of Michigan Police

Alert ID:

2012-12 / AAPD (#12-38990)

Date of Incident:

Sept. 3, 2012, about 2:45am


Off-campus 1800 block of Washtenaw Ave, near Hill St


Sexual Assault (4th degree)


(updated on Sep 08 2012 13:05)
UPDATE 9/8/12 -- A student reported to DPS at 11 p.m. Sept. 7 that earlier in the evening she had encountered an unknown male who may have matched a description from last week's incident. She stated that about 6 p.m. Sept. 7, she was approached by an Asian male while at the Michigan League (911 North University). He spoke Chinese to her and they walked over to an outside bench by the Modern Language Building (812 E Washington). While talking, he rubbed her thigh and grabbed her cell phone. She retrieved her phone and left the area. He is described as a Chinese male, 5'8", about 25 years old, short black hair and thick speaking accent. No clothing description was provided. (#12-2707)

(updated on Sep 04 2012 10:45)
UPDATE -- Two additional on-campus incidents were reported to DPS Sept. 3. It is unknown whether the three incidents are related.

1. Aug. 31 at the Ruthven Museum -- student reported that as she walked in the Museum between 5 and 6pm, she was approached by an unknown male who kept talking with her in Chinese and limited English. He also rubbed her elbow and grabbed her buttocks during the encounter. He is described as a Chinese male, 5'7", short hair, average build, clean and neat appearance, with a thick native Chinese accent (#12-2628)

2. Sept. 1 at the Michigan Stadium football game viewing -- a student reported that an unknown male grabbed her leg and her chest. He is described as an Asian male with light skin, 5'6", 180 pounds, stocky muscular build with a black buzz haircut grown-out some but short hair, clean shaven, broad nose, round face, a baseball hat, no accent but a higher male voice. He was wearing light pink shorts, unknown color shirt and blue sunglasses. (#12-2630)

(updated on Sep 03 2012 10:00)
As told to the Ann Arbor Police, an unknown man jumped behind a student as she approached her residence and grabbed her chest and crotch. She screamed and the man fled on foot toward Hill Street.


Asian male, about 20, 5'6", wearing a baseball cap. No further clothing description.

If you have any information:

Please contact U-M POLICE (UMPD) at (734) 763-1131 or dial 9-1-1
or the ANN ARBOR POLICE DEPARTMENT Tip Line (734) 794-6939 or


  • Sexual assault is any sexual activity that occurs in the absence of consent.
  • Most perpetrators assault someone they know. Sexual assault occurs in all communities and people of all genders can be survivors.
  • Responsibility lies with the perpetrator, not the survivor - no one deserves, asks for, or provokes sexual assault.
  • Sexual assault can include sexual activity with someone whose judgment is impaired by alcohol and drugs, whether ingested voluntarily or unknowingly. Alcohol often is used by perpetrators to facilitate sexual assaults.
  • U of M's Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities [], Sexual Assault Policy [], and Michigan law prohibit sexual assault.
  • If you would like more information or resources regarding sexual assault, visit SAPAC's website [].
  • Although the survivor is never at fault, prioritizing one's personal safety is a good idea. Risk of attack by a stranger may be reduced by:
    • Being aware of your surroundings and looking assertive
    • Walking with a friend or co-worker in well-lit areas
    • Trusting your intuition - if a particular situation makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, choose an alternative
    • Keeping rooms locked at all times
    • Utilizing campus transportation resources []
  • If you feel threatened on campus, look for a blue light emergency phone or call 9-1-1 from any phone (no coins needed for 9-1-1 calls).
  • Confidential Tip Line 1-800-863-1355
For status updates to this posting, check the UMPD website regularly:

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