EMERGENCY ALERT Power Outage on North Campus, NCRC and East Medical Center area

UPDATE at 10:41am -- Power is slowly restoring to the area. Visit http://www.dteenergy.com/map/outage.html for an outage map.

updated on Feb 18 2013 10:46

There is a power outage in the East Ann Arbor Medical Campus, North Campus and NCRC area on 2/18/2013 at approximately 9:36 AM.

This power outage affected DTE service to portions of North Campus, NCRC, Arbor Lakes, Botanical Gardens and Auxiliary Services.

Due to a problem with the DTE feed. DTE is aware of the problem and are headed out to investigate and make necessary repairs. This is the most current information.

This Power Outage may have affected numerous buildings, if you discover issues and need assistance from Plant Operations, please call POCC at 647-2059.

updated on Feb 18 2013 10:30

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