Special Events

In an effort to maintain high standards of safety and security the University of Michigan Police Department provides law enforcement and security services for numerous special events held on campus. These events include, but are not limited to:


  • Entertainment and Sporting Events
  • Demonstrations and Parades
  • Ceremonial and Social Events
  • Festivals, Parties and Receptions

Specific duties for UMPD officers generally include:

  • General Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Services Coordination
  • Access Control
  • Crowd and Traffic Control
  • Loss Prevention
  • Dignitary Protection

If planning an on-campus event make sure that you involve UMPD as early in the planning process as possible. Our special events coordinator will meet with your organization to discuss the event and determine the extent security and law enforcement services required. Sponsoring organizations will be charge for the actual personnel costs and administrative fees for services provided.