Loss Prevention

Security Surveys

Security surveys are designed to identify security vulnerabilities of campus property and help identify possible problems pertaining to access points, lighting, landscaping, and general structural features of a building. The information is presented in matrix format listing the various levels of security attainable with such features as security alarms and cameras and corrective actions to deter or prevent criminal activity by "hardening" the target. There is no cost for a security survey.


Our Officers can speak to groups of students, faculty and/or staff members on a wide variety of safety and security topics. We are available for staff meetings, orientations and University of Michigan functions. Topics can include personal safety, identifying suspicious persons and how to react to them, preventing theft and services provided by the University of Michigan Police Department.

Building Watch

The Building Watch Program is designed for staff to organize themselves and to deter crime in their working areas. An initial staff meeting is set up to discuss each area's individual needs. These programs can consist of plans to notify staff members of criminal activities, setting up regular meetings or other means to educate staff on safety and security issues in the workplace. Officers will help set up and implement Building Watch programs and are available as resources to help keep the programs running.

Other Services

Our Officers can assist faculty, students and staff in many ways. Via Operation Identification we can mark property with the owner's information via engraving or decals in order to deter theft and aid in recovery of stolen items. Our annual bicycle sweeps of campus clear out abandoned bicycles and free up bicycle rack space. We work with outside vendors that provide security systems for campus locations and can help identify which systems best meet our community's needs. We are here to help keep our community safe, so contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.